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 Discussion on *** Turn 9/Day 9 ***

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Discussion on *** Turn 9/Day 9 *** Empty
PostSubject: Discussion on *** Turn 9/Day 9 ***   Discussion on *** Turn 9/Day 9 *** EmptyTue Sep 22, 2009 11:32 am

The reports are back!!! I will have the full report ready within the next 30 mins. We have lots of stuff going on, so let's wrap them up.

1) We have a chance to win this quickly. Get Derby. However the reds have sent people down Coventry and Birmingham while the Wolves are out of Stafford. We had injuries and loss of equipment. This round we will first get our people back to shape and their equipment back. We will reinforce the defenses and make sure that Mooseboy13 does not do some trick in Coventry.

2) They had injuries as well. I believe that their resources should run out quicker than ours but I am not so sure.

3) Do not count on winning this quickly. We may be able to "steal" the win today, but we should play to get the win eventually even if that fails. That's why I built the army, that's why I am going to attack Jorne and get him down.

Give me some info to get this back to shape

and most importantly!!!! HAVE FUN!!!
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Discussion on *** Turn 9/Day 9 ***
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