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 Stafford Gaurd Wargames Rules

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PostSubject: Stafford Gaurd Wargames Rules   Stafford Gaurd Wargames Rules EmptyMon Sep 21, 2009 3:12 pm

Rhenova wrote:
I've been asked to send you the SG's idea on the war games by Arthur.

Please remember this is only our training mission and my idea to incorporate it into the War Games.

Rhenova wrote:
Alright, I've been stuck on the idea of the war games for quite some time now. For this month's training I've decided to do a mock war games, so we can see how the real war games could play out. However my way of this game is going to be very different to the one council had thought up.

(If the council has gotten this up and ready already I'm quite sorry for I'm out of county and can't get into anything other than here.)

In this mock training of the War Games I will place you randomly into 2 teams with a few people be mercenaries. These two teams will have the same amount of goods and regulations, unlike in the council's proposed being able to leave county. In this training you don't need to move on the IG map, so mayors you can still train with us.

Now to the explanation of the rules to this game.

The teams will both be placed strategically across the county. If you join up with a teammate you get bonus force. However you need to find them first, since no one will be placed in the same town in the beginning.

The two teams of 4 are (remember this was random, drawn out of a hat picks):(added members of the game will be placed. This will be updated to show who's on what team)

Red wrote:

Blue wrote:

Which means these are our Mercenaries:

Mercs wrote:

If new guardsmen wish to join, they will also become Mercenaries.

Mercenaries were a strategic use during our time, so I think they should be used. However, they won't be cheap.

Each team that has been made needs to elect there own team captain. Only the team captain can disperse gold that will be used in play to purchase equipment, food, and Mercs.

Mercs can manage themselves and can do as they wish in play, even pledge allegiance to a team, which sadly they will lose all goods on them and the team will lose 5 gold as well. The team captain is the only one who can accept the Merc into their team.

This is what each team has, Mercs are listed also:

Teams wrote:
4 Shafts
4 Shields
50 Gold
12 Bread

Mercs wrote:
1 Sword
10 Gold
6 Bread

These are what you will get and only what you will get until you buy more from the store.

The Store wrote:
4 Bread = 1 Gold
1 Shaft = 2 Gold
1 Shield = 5 Gold
1 Axe = 5 Gold (NBI)
1 Sword = 10 Gold
10 Wood = 1 Gold(NBI)
2 Iron = 4 Gold(NBI)

Bread is essential you need it daily. 1 bread per person per day just like IG. If you don't eat you lose 1 HP out of your 10 HP, so eat to live!

Here is the breakdown on how event points will be used:

Event Points wrote:

Each person has a fight stance of 1 ATK and 1 DEF with no items. Below is a bonus set-up.

+1 ATK Shaft
+1 DEF Shield
+2 ATK Sword

2 people force = + 2 ATK and DEF
3 people force = + 3 ATK and DEF
And so on, however many people in a group is the bonus.


1 Day

Basic travel, move to a node or town. You may move two spots like IG to travel across nodes.


1 Day.

Traps can be set-up via wood and iron.

A trap can be set up in 1 day, it requires 10 wood and 2 iron.

A trap will not allow an enemy to move if they are in the town that you are in. Mercs can set these traps up via grants from the captains for a fee of 2 gold, no matter where the Merc is.


1 or 2 Days.

A team needs to capture towns to earn gold daily, 1 town = 1 gold per day.

You can not try to take the town in one day, because you need 2 people in order to take the town. A Merc can help anyone try to take a town.

2 Mercs in an alliance can take a town and earn the same +1 gold each.

A neutral town can be taken with no worries, except the two teammates need to use up there daily event.

To fully capture a town that is occupied you need to first destroy it then repair it.


1 Day

By raiding a town, any person in that town not on the raiders team unless it is a hired Merc, will be ransacked and robbed of 1 gold. This will be conducted under a fighting value point system.


1 Day.

Destroying a town requires 2 members of a team to enter a town and sabotage the town first, the next day you can destroy the town. If a defense is in the town, you will need to be able to take them out while destroying. A sabotage can be set at any time even with an enemy present, it doesn't need to be consecutive days to destroy the town.


1 Day

Repairing a town gives a team 5 gold since it requires to be fixed. This is good because if you just destroyed the town, you need to repair it to own it, hence earning money while capturing the town.


1 Day to set up.

Requires a node.

Camping will give the camper an additional +2 DEF until they leave.


1 Day

This can only be taken place on a node. You must first get to the node and set up camp on your first day. The next day you can rob any passing enemies, but be weary you can't rob in groups.

Successful robbery attempts will give you 2 gold.
Unsuccessful attempts with an enemy will leave you on the node for an additional day, hence you would have lost the battle and need to recover.


1 Day

Requires axe.

Instead of paying for wood or Iron why not do it yourself? You must be on a node to do this action, you don't need to set up camp either.

You will recieve 10 wood per chopping job and 1 Iron per mining job.


3 Days

A duel can take place with a challenge sent to another player. 1 v 1 only. This challenge can be announced here and not cost an event point for that day.

An accepted challenge will need to be set up by both players terms here on the forum.

A player has 10 HP during a duel, and their equipment bonuses are added.

Challenger earns the right to choose his stance first.

The moves for the 3 days are:
Quote :
Attack (An attack with Defense added)
Defence (No Attack, but Double Defense)
Fierce Attack (Double Attack, no Defense)

The winner will win 5 gold for their team.
The loser will lose 2 days worth of events and be stuck where they are for 1 additional day.

I think that basically covers all of the events you can perform in this training session. Remember this is an RP training session so please make a good role play while playing into this training mission.

We definately believe Mercs would be a good idea. However it's the choice of council not SG. Thank you for your time.
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Stafford Gaurd Wargames Rules
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