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 Wargames I Scenario and Map

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Stafford Civil War Scenario

Stafford County has fallen into unrest and disorder after the current council collapses. A group of soldiers loyal to the old Duke seek to reestablish his rule in Stafford and have managed to secure the county castle from the chaos. Meanwhile, the rebels, enthused after bringing down the current council, work to solidify their hold and claim the county as theirs.

Red Team- The County Loyalists
Blue Team- The Rebels

Equal # of players.

Red Team: 20 gold, 5 swords, 5 shields, 200 loaves bread (real bread to offset cost of being in an army)
Blue Team: 20 gold, 50 shafts, 5 shields, 200 loaves bread (real bread to offset cost of being in an army)

Objective/Victory Conditions:
Red Team- Incapacitate all the rebels.
Blue Team- Maintain control over 5 towns for two days OR Capture the County Castle

Starting Placement:
Red Team- All players start in the capital, except for 5 which may be placed anywhere in Stafford.
Blue Team- Players may start anywhere in Stafford

Starting Territory:
The Red Team starts with control of the Castle. All the towns, including the capital, roads, and mines are independent.

Duration: 2 months

Special Rules:
The Red Team roster will be posted in the Stafford Inn.
The Blue Team roster will be kept anonymous. Blue Team players are only exposed if caught or they reveal themselves.
The Red Team can start with a fully formed army.
The Blue Team may enter Chester and Worcester in order to travel between Shrewsbury/Stafford and Ludlow/Birmingham/Coventry. They may not spend more then 3 days outside the Stafford County, and may only take an IG army outside of Stafford County if they get the neighboring county's permission. Worcester has a group size law, so travel in groups of 4 or less.

Wargames I Scenario and Map WargamesmapIinitial
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Wargames I Scenario and Map
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