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 The Current Rules

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PostSubject: The Current Rules   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:53 pm

The Rules v1.0 wrote:
Wargame Rules
The rules aim to simulate IG warfare without causing IG disruption. The mechanics and rules will be the same as they are in the guides published by Levan, unless otherwise noted.

The Arbiter:
The arbiter will roll the dice and follow those guides to determine the outcome for attacks and other events that would disrupt uninvolved people's play. As well as posting updates, ruling on disputes, and generally overseeing the game.

Signing up:
Players must include their strength when they sign up for the game. In some scenarios, part or all of the roster of one or more sides isn't disclosed at the start of the game. For that reason, players can choose to sign up via pm to the arbiter.

Players will be assigned to teams randomly. Each team votes on their own leader, if any, and will have 1 week before the begining of the game to get to their start location. If they can't get there in time, they must 'tag' it before entering play.

IG Actions:
Armies must set their rules of engagement to "Friend then Enemy" and must not use a hit list. Do NOT revolt, rob, invade a town, etc for real. You'll be prosecuted if you do. Your location for the wargame is the same as your IG location, so make sure to keep Lavabo updated and the arbiter informed if you are on a road or mine node if you want your actions counted. You're free to take a job during the games if you can (ie you're not in an army or 'on the road').

Simulated Actions:

Town and Castle Revolts- Each person participating in the revolt must pm the arbiter the day before the revolt (instead of pushing the revolt button. e.g. "I'm revolting against [town] on [date]."

Defend the Power- Each person defending the power must pm the arbiter.

Robbery- Each person robbing must pm the arbiter that they are robbing. Victims of robbery lose their equipment to the attackers and are incapacitated for 1 day. Robbers may rob in groups larger then 5. If you rob, there is also a chance you will rob unaffiliated NPC's and take their gold and equipment.

Armies- The army roster is the same as the IG roster, incapacitated players must drop out of the army. To invade a town, the general must PM the arbiter. The general must PM his rules of engagement (the settings you'd use if this were a real war. Keep your IG setting to 'friend then enemy' with no kill list!) to the arbiter so he may manage conflicts Incapacity for the different army injuries is changed to 0/0/2/5/10 days. There is a chance that an army will engage unaffiliated NPC's depending on its settings.

Capturing Territory:
To capture a town, capital, or castle node, first you must invade it with an army or revolt against it and defeat the defenders. To capture a mine or road node, you must simply move onto it and clear it of opposing teams. It takes one day of occupation to change the control of a node from an enemy team to neutral, and one day to change a node from neutral to your team.

Each team starts with a certain amount of gold, shafts, axes, swords, and shields, which the team leader may distribute. (These are only pretend equipment and entirely separate from your inventory, which doesn't count). The team leader may use gold to buy more weapons during the course of the game and he might find supply caches when his forces capture territory. Equipment breaks as normal. Food doesn't matter.

Each mine produces 5 gold for the team controls it.

Gold and purchases:
The team leader may use gold to purchase the following
Shaft 1 gold
Axe 2 gold
Sword 3 gold
Shield 1 gold
Healer 1 gold per day of incapacity removed

Incapacity: If you are incapacitated, you can't move, or make any offensive or defensive actions.

Playing field: All of Stafford County, unless otherwise noted. Leaving the playing field means the player is forfeited. When moving IG armies around, be mindful to not cause a panic or incident.

Forfeited Players: Forfeited players are removed from the game. You get forfeited when you leave the playing field, make a move while incapacitated, cheat, or otherwise break the rules.

Army Points:
You may hire anybody, even if they aren't part of the game, as military advisers to provide state points for your army. Please give preference to Army Way players.

Castles and Capitals:
The Castle must be defended and attacked separately from the Capital.

The first team to achieve it's victory conditions wins. If no one does, then the team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Capturing a castle 20 points
Capturing a capital 15 points
Capturing a town 10 points
Capturing a mine 5 points
Holding a node 5 points per day per node
Enemy defeated 1 point per FC (Including all bonuses)
Materiel captured 1 point per gold value

Rule on Rouge Players wrote:
If anyone breaks the hitlists/IG attack rule, the council will issue a letter of marque against the people, group, or army, as per Stafford Army Law. These people, group, or army will be a rogue faction and not endorsed or sponsored by the county. Upon the issuance of the letter of marque, all teams may use lethal force to stop the rogue faction. The team to stop the rogue faction will be awarded additional victory points.

Rule on Strength wrote:
If you don't or choose not to disclose your strength to the arbiter (or are just plain weak), your FC for the wargame will be set according to your level.

Lev 0-1: 1 FC
Lev 2: 2 FC
Lev 3: 3 FC
Lev 4: 4 FC

Rule on Cards wrote:
Each team starts with 5 cards, and can play up to 3 cards per day unless otherwise noted. Additional cards can be bought for 5 gold per random draw or found in caches. I'll work out the probabilities later. Obviously, some cards will be much rarer then others.

Guide Special Effects Cards wrote:
Type: Troops

Places a group of unaligned FC 1 robbers on a road or mine node. They will use any items captured by them. Stacks with other Brigands or Privateer cards. Individual brigands stay in play until incapacitated.

Gang 1-3
Band 4-6
Pack 7-9
Horde 10-12

Rustlers, cutthroats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperadoes, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, half-wits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswagglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass kickers, shit kickers and Methodists that secretly work for you in exchange for plunder rights and safe haven. They function the same as Brigands, except they won't fight with the side that put them in play, and vice versa.

Gang 1-3
Band 4-6
Pack 7-9
Horde 10-12

-Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Crew
As Brigands, but meaner and more dashing. The Wolves are FC 3

Gang 1-3
Band 4-6
Pack 7-9
Horde 10-12

Professional soldiers for hire. Once you hire them, they are added to your roster, and you may equip and heal them like your normal troops. They may only be played on nodes your team controls and stay in play until you no longer pay them their full daily wage.

Light Infantry 1 FC at 1 gold per day
Medium Infantry 3 FC at 2 gold per day
Heavy Infantry 5 FC at 3 gold per day

-Peasant Levies
FC 1 farmers and townspeople that you've managed to press gang into service (Or IG mailed to defend the power). Peasant Levies can only be played on towns and castles you control. They won't travel and will only defend the power. Levy cards may be played without limit, but only stay in play for 3 days before disbanding. additionally, Levies are removed from play if incapacitated or ownership of the town they were raised in changes.

Group 2
Crowd 4
Mob 6
Half the Village 8

A FC 1 unit costing 1 gold per day, that appears as a normal person, and is added to your roster. Other units do not notice them as they are indistinguishable from normal travelers. Opposing spies on the same node have a chance to expose and assassinate the other. Spies can be robbed and can be killed by armies depending on their settings (i.e. enemy then friend). Spies can be played on any node on the playing field and stay in play until you no longer pay their full daily wage.

Type: Event
-Mine Collapse
Bad things happen to mines.Downgrades stack with upgrade and other downgrade cards. Downgrade cards can be removed by paying 5 gold per minus for repairs.

Collapse All of the target mine's upgrades are destroyed.
Serious Downgrade -3 to target mine's income.
Major Downgrade -2 to target mine's income.
Minor Downgrade -1 to target mine's income.

-Mine Upgrade
Upgrading your mines, better maintenance, and improving attendance mean better mining income. Upgrades stay in play until destroyed by a mine collapse

Intensive Upgrade +3 to target mine's income.
Major Upgrade +2 to target mine's income.
Minor Upgrade +1 to target mine's income.

-Stone Sale!
The stone trade is historically important to Stafford as its long produced an excess supply. Periodically, huge amounts of stone are sold in trade deals with other counties.

Stone Trade With Chester +20 gold per each stone mine the team controls.
Stone Sale to Lancaster +40 gold per each stone mine the team controls.
Stone Deal with Sussex +60 gold per each stone mine the team controls.

-Iron sale
Occasionally, Stafford sells large lots of iron too.

+25 gold per each iron mine the team controls.

-Tax Day
+1 gold per active resident in target town that the team controls.

Sometimes you just lose people in RK.

Mercenary Deserter Looks like the player quit. Target mercenary card is removed from play.
Levy Deserter Somebody forgot to mail out the defend the power orders. Target Peasant Levy card is removed from play.
Player Deserter Looks like the player never got his orders. Maybe he went into retreat or forgot to login. Who knows? Target player is considered out of play for 1 day. He can't attack or be attacked. He's a none entity.

Peasant Insurrection
Townspeople of target town rise up and revolt against the occupation. Strength is random, based on town's active resident population. +10% in strength for each Peasant Levy Card the occupying team has played in town. +25% in strength if the occupying team has played a Tax Day card on the town in the last 2 days. Peasant Levy cards may be played with Peasant Insurrection, with out limit, in order to increase the strength of the revolt. If the peasants win, the town status is set to independent.

Fifth Column
Treasonous residents join forces with the attacking or revolting forces. Adds 1 FC troops just for that single attack. Peasant Levy Cards may be played with Fifth Column, without limit, in order to add more 1 FC troops to the attack.

Puny 2
Minor 4
Major 6
Extensive 8

Wolves of Sherwood Revolt
A group of FC 3 Wolves, sensing opportunity, revolt against any target town or castle. Brigand, Privateer, and Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Crew cards may be played with Wolves of Sherwood Revolt, without limit, in order to increase the strength of the revolt. If the Wolves win; town status is set to Wolf; the surviving Wolves, Brigands, and Privateers remain in town and defend the power;and any cache present is stolen and taken for the Wolves' use. Further, all teams may play Brigand, Privateer, or Wolves of Sherwood Revolt and Robbery Crew cards on Wolf towns or castles to increase the size of their force.

Puny 2
Minor 4
Major 6
Extensive 8

Extensive patrols and legal actions displace all brigands, privateers, and Wolves on target mine or road node. Sends an armed patrol of FC 1 troops on target node that has a chance of killing or displacing brigands, privateers, and Wolves. Displaced troops end up on a random mine or road node, or Wolf controlled node with in a days travel. Patrols also have a chance of fighting enemy team troops on the node if they detect them. Patrols will fight along side any of your team's troops on the target node, thus they are ideal for providing extra security for traveling groups. Peasant Levies may be played with a patrol card, without limit, to increase the size of your patrol.

Puny 2
Minor 4
Major 6
Extensive 8

Target Brigand or Privateer card becomes a privateer working for your team. Wolves take your money and laugh at you. Can also be played on a mercenary, but he will only switch to your team if you pay a bribe of 2 gold per FC, including equipment bonuses. The mercenary steals any equipment assigned to him when he switches teams. You must know the location of the target card.

Cards Shows you target team's hand of cards as of reset.
Stockpile Shows you the total quantity of gold and equipment owned by target team.
Privateer Shows you the current location and strength of one of the target team's played privateer cards.
Well Placed Privateer Shows you the current location and strength of all of the target team's played privateer cards.
Assassin Removes one of target team's spies from play.

When played on target node, it reveals the number and strength of all Brigand, Privateer, and Wolf cards, as well as who owns the node, and mine health if on a mine node. All information is current as of reset. Will also reveal the presence of any teams players if they are detected.

Type: Equipment

You've found a stash of arms! This card may also be played on groups privateers, brigands, wolves, or other teams in order to equip them.

Shields 1-8 shields
Shafts 1-40 shafts
Axes 1-7 axes
Swords 1-3 swords

You've found, extorted, robbed, pillaged, or earned a trove of money!

Beggar's Cup 1 die roll x 10 gold
Lost Purse 1 die roll x 20 gold
Miser's Stash 1 die roll x 30 gold
Enemy Payroll 1 die roll x 40 gold
Monty Haul! 1 die roll x 50 gold

You've discovered and pillaged a new cache. Contains a random amount of equipment, gold, and/ or cards.

Piddling Cache
Minor Cache
Major Cache
Incredible Cache

20 extra bread (real bread) awarded your team from the county to offset feeding costs.

20% discount on all equipment bought by the team on the same day this card is played.

-Master Healer
All healing bought by the team is twice as effective (2 days for the price of 1) on the same day this card is played.

Awards wrote:
Winning Team: ??? per person
Most Valuable Player: One prize of ??? Self or regular nomination. Winner by popular vote in the inn.
Most kills: One prize of ??? Winner by individual stats. In a group action, each member gets full credit for each kill.
Most loot gained: One prize of ??? Winner by individual stats. In a group action, each member gets full credit for each kill.
Best Role Play: One prize of ??? Self or regular nomination. Winner by popular vote in the inn

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PostSubject: Re: The Current Rules   Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:12 am

Updated Rules:
Increased cards played per day to 3.
Added Spy, Bribery, Scout, Wolf Robber cards. Changed how patrols work. Added a larger size of Peasant Levies.

Brigands, Privateers, Wolves wrote:
Brigands will occasionally move around the map.

Privateers will always appear to be Brigands unless you own them, or under the effects of the proper Spy card. Privateers will occasionally move around the map and generally act of their own volition. Privateers belonging to the same team will work together. Sadly, they are not under your total control. Such is the price for anonymity. However, there is a chance each day they will follow your orders, if you care to give them. The better you treat/bribe/equip them, the greater the chance. Vague, yes, but at least you're not sitting around waiting for me to code the feature. You will always know the location of your privateers, and you get half the victory points from their actions.

Wolves are autonomous and organized. When Wolves successfully come into play, they form a new faction. Wolf units have the ability to suborn Brigand and Privateer units on the same node. Privateer units have a chance of resisting this(same as following your orders). Suborned Privateers become Brigands. Suborned units are under the control of the Wolves.

Recon and the Fog of War wrote:
In keeping with the discussion in the London commons, and the nature of the scenario, we'll pretend that Lavabo has gone down, and the AAP is bugged beyond repair. Knowing what's going on is problematic. I will only publicly update the victory point totals of each team, appropriate roster information, and gossip. Each team will get a private briefing with information depending on their situation. You will always be aware if you lose control of your mines, towns, or castles (but not roads), and of attacks on your units and team members.

Detection of units and revealing of the identities of players on hidden rosters follows current game mechanics (e.g, the identity of a player on a hidden roster will be revealed to you if he robs you.) You're free to use player knowledge (i.e. if so and so tells you he's on the blue team, you don't have to pretend you don't know that) and lavabo to track players.

Do what you like with your private briefing. It'll make great fodder for RP's and stuff.

With the various victory conditions, it is possible for you to lose the game without even knowing it! So keep a sharp look out.

Least to most effective sources for knowing what's going on on a node:
Node belongs to you, but unoccupied by your troops.
Privateers belonging to your team on the node.
Non player units on your team roster, on the node.
Players on your team, on the node.

A Note on Spying: Spying and operational security are a very important parts of RK warfare. I have no problem with whatever you players do to each other. Only team members will be allowed access to their team forums. Anything beyond that is up to you guys. If you guys decide to boot one of your team members, I'll honor it, and he can officially join another team. I'm not the forum/PM police, so don't come crying to me if your battle plans get posted all over the London Commons. Since I'm assigning players to teams randomly, I encourage you guys to not be bastards and give your team your best good faith efforts.
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PostSubject: Luxury Item Towns   Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:47 am

Luxury Stuff wrote:
Towns that can produce luxury items (have the new fields, workshops, or regional items) are worth an addition 10 victory points for capture. They also produce 5 gold per day for the owning team.

Salt mines are worth an additional 5 victory points for capture, and produce an extra 5 gold per turn
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PostSubject: Re: The Current Rules   Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:13 pm

Arena Rule wrote:

1 victory point per point of damage inflicted during an arena duel.
10 victory points per level of opponent defeated during an arena duel.
-10 victory points per level of player that
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PostSubject: Re: The Current Rules   Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:00 am

Changed armory and gold cache yields to reflect the needs of the dice bot.
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PostSubject: Re: The Current Rules   Wed Sep 16, 2009 12:23 pm

Revised and Compiled Card Chart wrote:
1-8 Gang of Brigands
9-14 Band of Brigands
15-18 Pack of Brigands
19-20 Horde of Brigands
21-28 Gang of Privateers
29-34 Band of Privateers
35-48 Pack of Privateers
49-50 Horde of Privateers
51-58 Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Gang
59-64 Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Band
65-68 Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Pack
69-70 Wolves of Sherwood Robbery Horde
71-82 Light Infanty Mercenary
83-90 Medium Infantry Mercenary
91-92 Heavy Infantry Mercenary
93-108 Group of Peasant Levies
109-120 Crowd of Peasant Levies
121-130 Mob of Peasant Levies
131-136 Half a Village of Peasant Levies
137-142 Spy
143 Mine Collapse
144 Serious Mine Downgrade
145-146 Major Mine Downgrade
147-149 Minor Mine Downgrade
150 Intensive Mine Upgrade
151-152 Major Mine Upgrade
153-155 Minor Mine Upgrade
156-158 Stone Trade with Chester
159-160 Stone Sale to Lancaster
161 Stone Deal with Sussex
162-167 Iron Sale
168 Tax Day
169-171 Mercenary Deserter
172-173 Levy Deserter
174 Player Deserter
175-177 Peasant Insurrection
178-181 Puny Fifth Column
182-184 Minor Fifth Column
185-186 Major Fifth Column
187 Extensive Fifth Column
188-191 Puny Wolves of Sherwood Revolt
192-194 Minor Wolves of Sherwood Revolt
195-196 Major Wolves of Sherwood Revolt
197 Extensive Wolves of Sherwood Revolt
198-202 Puny Patrol
203-206 Minor Patrol
207-209 Major Patrol
210-211 Extensive Patrol
212-215 Bribery
216 Cards Spy
217 Stockpile Spy
218 Privateer Spy
219 Assassin
220-223 Scout
224 Shield Armory
225 Shaft Armory
226 Axe Armory
227 Sword Armory
228-233 Beggar's Cup
234-237 Lost Purse
238-240 Miser's Stash
241-242 Enemy Payroll
243 Monty Haul!
244-246 Piddling Cache
247-248 Minor Cache
249-251 Blacksmith
252-254 Masterhealer

Now you can look up the cards you draw and not have to wait for me, so leave me alone already Wink. I changed some things around from the old chart I was using.
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PostSubject: Re: The Current Rules   

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The Current Rules
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